Pic: This Ralph Wiggum protest banner from La Liga is just great 7 years ago

Pic: This Ralph Wiggum protest banner from La Liga is just great

We always knew that The Simpsons could be used to discuss and examine the obvious economic and financial discrepancies that exist amongst clubs that play in Europe's elite leagues...

La Liga isn't fair, it just isn't.


Why is this? Well the gigantic, all-consuming behemoths that are Real Madrid and Barcelona maintain a vice-like grip on the majority of the TV revenue, thus maintaining the status quo of a boring and unfair duopoly. Pause for breath.

Unlike the Premier League and Bundesliga, which were founded on the principles of a collective agreement, the smaller clubs in Spain are left to scrap over the financial crumbs from the TV table.

It's almost like Real Madrid and Barcelona are the Mr. Burns of La Liga and the smaller clubs are that crippled Irishman that he laughed at and repeatedly drove into with the bumper car.

How could the fans of Rayo Vallecano and Eibar portray their disillusion at this situation and the increasing displeasure at having to play in the less glamorous Monday night slot?


The answer is so clear. Why not use a banner featuring a character that glued his head to his shoulder, ated the purple berries and unpossibly failed English.

The match itself was pretty entertaining - Eibar ran out 3-2 winners - but this banner featuring Ralph Wiggum that translates as "I love Monday football... I'm special" is just great.

Having seen this genius way of protesting it leave us with just one question, “Which one is one?”