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Wimbledon today was no different.

It's a well-known fact that wherever you go in the world, there's always one fecker there wearing a Mayo jersey.

The science behind this has been proved many times in the past as seen below...

And there's another example here as well.

But it's not only Mayo jerseys that can be seen around the world, GAA jerseys in general have been making appearances at major sporting events for years now. They're becoming even more common in the age of social media.

Of course with Wimbledon on now, many Irish people see it as an opportunity to dust off their county jerseys, and wear them out in all their glory.


Such as this proud Offaly chap boasting a vintage Faithful County jersey.

A lot of people spotted him as well...

Cormac O'Hora spotted it:


As did Colin Peppard:

Cheers to all the people who sent this our way. 
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