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02nd Dec 2017

Plenty of football fans are raging after Paul Pogba’s Man City comments

Carl Kinsella

Right now, it doesn’t look like anybody is going to catch Pep Guardiola’s free-scoring Man City side.

But if anyone can, it’s probably Man United, who currently lead the rest of the Premier League pack and sit eight points behind their “noisy neighbours.”

Given the proximity of the two teams both on the table and geographically, it’s easy to forgive a few sly digs either way. After all, it’s that kind of bite that rivalries are built on. Wishing injuries on your fellow professionals however…

Man United’s mercurial talisman Paul Pogba may have strayed into that dangerous territory this weekend when speaking to BBC Football Focus about City’s players.

He said “Some day I hope City are going to slip and I hope, and I know that it’s bad to say things like that, but I hope for us that some very important players get injured.”

Needless to say, football fans, and City’s fans in particular, did not take it well…

And this man, who wins the award for world’s most ironic wish: