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13th Jan 2024

Former Leeds manager takes aim at Roy Keane in foul-mouthed rant

Lee Costello

“I think Roy can be kind of an a******.”

Former Leeds manager Jesse Marsch has taken aim at Sky Sports pundit and former Man United captain Roy Keane in a foul-mouthed rant.

The American manager was speaking on the latest episode of ‘Up Front’ with Simon Jordan, and the conversation inevitably talked about his time as Leeds manager and how he was eventually sacked.

This then lead to a conversation about punditry in England and how the media cover football, which prompted the ex Premier League boss to get something off his chest in regards to Keane.

As well as being a former PL manager himself, the Irishman was one of the most successful players in the game, captaining a dominant United side to countless success over a decade, and has now staked his claim as one of the best known pundits in the game.

However, just as he was when he was playing, the Cork native can be very sharp with his tongue, and doesn’t hold back when sharing his opinions on matches, players or managers, something which Marsch had an issue with.

“It’s always interested me that people love Roy Keane so much and his commentary because I think Roy can be kind of an a******.

“But there is something in English culture about the negative, edgy, cutting, that’s the truth. It’s like he says it like it is.

“In America, our truth is that we believe we can achieve great things, we believe in ourselves. And if people want to knock us down, we want to try more.

“So when I have positive takes on certain things, that’s not my trying to be something different or trying to be American, that’s how I feel.”

Following March’s sacking in Yorkshire, Keane labelled the Leeds squad, who failed to stay in the Premier League, as a ‘disgrace’.

He said after their defeat to Nottingham Forest: “We talk about energy, they didn’t have energy against [Nottingham] Forest.

“Their performance was a disgrace and that’s why they got their manager the sack.”

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