Roy Keane's recent jab at Eamon Dunphy is as sly as it gets 3 years ago

Roy Keane's recent jab at Eamon Dunphy is as sly as it gets

Wouldn't be like Roy Keane to sneak a dig in.

Roy Keane and Eamon Dunphy have always had a bit of a funny relationship.


If we cast our minds back to 2002, Dunphy was Keane's staunchest defender.

Anyone who had a bad word to say about the Manchester United captain had to face the wrath of an extremely angry Eamon Dunphy.

Hell, just ask Rod Liddle...

But since then, the feelings have become a bit more mixed.

Just three weeks ago Eamon Dunphy claimed that the Corkman was "finished", and said that he would never get a job in football again.

He went as far as to say: "Keane is finished, he should be out the door, but may be allowed to limp on for another few weeks, months or even years. But he can forget about a future in the game."

So of course Keane has responded.


In a lengthy interview with Notts TV, Keane expressed regrets about his first book.

He then went on to give advice to any young footballer looking to release a book, and squeezed a lovely dig in at Eamon Dunphy in the process:

"I think the first book was certainly a mistake. I think you get drawn into situations, you get book offers and ‘you know well it might be a good experience.’ That was a mistake because I was still playing.

"My advice to anybody now is that if you're in the game and you want to write a book, just make sure your career is over, and make sure you get a good writer."

That last line is obviously a reference to the fact that Dunphy ghostwrote his first book.


That's cold, Roy. Ice cold.