WATCH: New Serena Williams ad is absolutely deadly 5 years ago

WATCH: New Serena Williams ad is absolutely deadly

There is no hyperbole that can do justice to the achievements of Serena Williams as an athlete.

Not only has she been the dominant force in tennis for almost 20 years, she also won the Australian Open while pregnant.


She recently returned to tennis after a spell of maternity leave, and will compete in this year's US Open, beginning tomorrow.

Today, Williams dropped her latest ad for Nike, and it is positively spine-tingling. The minute-long video features footage of a nine-year-old Serena Williams practicing tennis with his father, Richard — spliced with footage of the adult Serena's crowning moments at the US Open.


Hard not to feel inspired after watching that.

Williams has recently faced difficulty over her choice of sporting attire, when her 'superhero' bodysuit was banned by the French Open, with President Bernard Giudicelli saying that "One must respect the game and the players."

“I definitely feel like it is an opportunity for me to inspire a whole different group of amazing women and kids," she said of the suit. "I call it, like, my Wakanda-inspired catsuit (referring to the fictional nation in the film Black Panther). "We designed it way before the movie but still, it kind of reminds me of that.”

The suit also carried medical benefits: it was reportedly engineered to prevent blood clots from forming while she competed. Williams had suffered from blood clots following her pregnancy.