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06th Aug 2014

Video: Surfing photographer puts his life on the line for a great shot and the video is not for the faint of heart


This Aussie camera man brings us a video insight into the wrath of the ocean. We saw the face of god and we didn’t like it.

You may have seen the world’s largest urban zip line video we posted yesterday. Well the brain behind that project, devinsupertramp, always says that it’s “all about the shot!”

Well Devin we will see your filmmaking bravado and raise you utterly nuts surfing photographer Mark Mathews.

Mark is seen being towed behind surfer Taj Burrow on a jet ski into a wave that quickly engulfs the photographer and drives him underwater for 45 seconds.

GoPro cameras have a lot to be thanked for these days and once again courtesy of the little fish eye camera we can join the Aussie snapper as he is swallowed up and spat out by a monster wave.

Mark is pushed so low, so fast that the pressure popped his ears, empty his lungs and make his eyes bulge. Good job that his mates aren’t too far away on their jet skis and get him out of danger quickly.

Mark ended up with a laceration on his face, a ruptured eardrum and a video that is absolutely nuts.