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27th Jun 2014

The Noise from Brazil: So long Luis, crazy weather and our new favourite goalkeeper

Paul Moore

Saipan take two, GAA celebrations, lasers, shark maths, biblical flooding, strange fans and four month bans… just another day.

Are we the only ones that feel slightly odd that there is no World Cup matches on this afternoon? World Cup withdrawal symptoms will be in full effect this afternoon as we watch Fair City in the desperate hope that Kenny Cunningham makes a dramatic guest appearance. I think we all have the right to be a little bit greedy; Brazil 2014 has had everything so far.

And so the inevitable has happened. Like him or loath him, you can’t say that Luis Suarez doesn’t know how to grab your attention. Take a step back and just think about it. He has bit a human being three times… three. It’s madness. As we told you, statistically there is more chance of being bitten by Luis Suarez than a shark.


It looks like Luis won’t be paying his 100,000 francs fine from his sponsorship funds though after 888 Poker terminated their contract with the striker. No one seems to be talking about the financial hit he took; in fairness we’re sure he is ‘flushed’ with cash. Three times…

Nothing can stop JOE’s enjoyment of this World Cup… unless we were in Recife yesterday. It looks like Will Ferrell wouldn’t have been spending much time on the beach during his trip to the city.

I think we’re all happy to see that Algeria made it out of their group, Russia bored the arse out of us, especially considering the intensity of their fans. We don’t know if this lad is happy, possessed or has just opened the ark of the covenant. The one thing JOE will remember about Russia in this World Cup is that they may be the first country to ever say that their keeper was distracted by a green laser being shone in his face from the crowd. Maybe Algeria scored because your keeper is a bit rubbish, eh Fabio?

Fatau Dauda is the new Brendan Bugler. You heard it here first. JOE can’t stop watching the Ghana ‘keepers reaction to saving Cristiano Ronaldo’s header from yesterday. Impressive stuff but can he do that on a wet Wednesday in Cusack Park?


And finally, the award for most practical footballers at Brazil goes to Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari. The squabbling duo obviously just wanted to beat the traffic on the way home right?

JOE wonders will we be seeing pictures of the pair walking their pet Labradors anytime soon…