Tickets for McGregor v Mayweather sold out in minutes and would have cost you a bomb 6 years ago

Tickets for McGregor v Mayweather sold out in minutes and would have cost you a bomb

You'd need a substantial loan.

Tickets for Conor McGregor's hotly anticipated clash with Floyd Mayweather went on sale yesterday and sold out within minutes, and this is despite the fact that tickets for the clash started at around €430.


The fight is expected to smash Pay-Per-View records and both men are set to receive over €100 million for the fight, with Mayweather expected to pocket significantly more than his opponent, but if you just want to be in the venue when the fight takes place, it's going to be very difficult for some people.

Well, difficult on two fronts. The first being that the fight is sold out and the second being, even if it wasn't sold out, the cheapest tickets were €430 (and there were very, very few of these available) while the most expensive for the fight were going at an eye-watering face value of €8,582.

That doesn't include the 8.5 percent Ticketmaster service fee on the tickets, so the service fee on a €8,582 ticket would cost you an additional €729.47.

Tickets went on sale on Monday for people who have a Ticketmaster code, this code doesn't guarantee you a ticket, it just gives you the chance of buying them. Prior to the release, these codes were being sold on eBay for €200.


The cost of tickets on second hand sites is expected to be much higher, with the cheapest ticket available on StubHub going for $1,725. This is for a ticket in the back, upper corner of the highest tier in the 20,000 seater T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

A ticket for ringside is advertised on the site for $45,000. Someone who's willing to pay that much for a ticket obviously doesn't have to worry about money.