TOMBOLA OF TRUTH: Brent Pope talks Fr. Ted, first kisses and his new radio show 4 years ago

TOMBOLA OF TRUTH: Brent Pope talks Fr. Ted, first kisses and his new radio show

We chat to everyone's favourite Kiwi.

Next up on the JOE Tombola of Truth is rugby pundit Brent Pope.

Brent starts a new show on Radio Nova next weekend which will run every Saturday between 1pm and 3pm for the duration of the Rugby World Cup.

The show is called Riff and Refs and it will be co-presented by JOE's Joe Harrington and Nova's Johnny Bowe. It's going to be two hours of rugby chat, good craic and awesome music.

You know the score at this stage - 50 balls, 50 questions, one fearsome Tombola of Truth. Scroll down to read.

Brent Joe

JOE: What’s the one song that gets you fired up?

Brent: Muse - Supermassive Black Hole or AC/DC - Thunderstruck

JOE: Can you remember your first kiss?

Brent: Yes, Leanne Parkin was her name, she was the best looking girl at school and had a page boy haircut.

She then went and dumped me for my best friend Richard Taylor when I couldn’t go to the school ball, I was about 12 and heartbroken.

JOE: Who would play you in your biopic?

Brent: Russell Crowe

JOE: Talk to us about the new radio show?

Brent: I listen to NOVA and love it as a radio station. It will be great to be able to mix my two great loves, rugby and rock music on one radio station.

Join us for all the latest banter on the World Cup as well as some stonking great tunes every Saturday from 1pm.

JOE: What person, dead or alive, would you like to go for a pint with?

Brent: Richard Harris, because he loved rugby, a good punch-up, a singsong, a lock-in and a pint. You would get five people in one.

JOE: Do you have a doppelgänger?

Brent: Barbara Streisand's husband, James Brolin. Or Johnny Logan.

RaboDirect PRO12 19/4/2014 Connacht vs Munster RTE's Brent Pope Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Billy Stickland

JOE: Who is your favourite Fr Ted character?

Brent: Dougal or the aggressive priest sometimes played by Brendan Grace (Fr Fintan Stack).

JOE: What's your favourite place in Ireland?

Brent: It has to be West Cork in the summer especially Kinsale.

JOE: The age-old dilemma - would you rather fight a shark on land or a gorilla under water?

Brent: I will go for the shark on land. I could run around him and throw a few handbags from a distance until he ran out of air.

JOE: The best/worst chat-up line you've ever heard?

Brent: A friend of mine back in university days said this to a woman who was strongly coming on to him. “Look lady I’m not easy, but when I think about it I can be had”.

JOE: What’s the most stupid thing you’ve allowed one of your mates to do?

Brent: Naked Bungi Jump in Queenstown New Zealand. It was free, but he allowed himself to be dunked in freezing cold water while many female onlookers took photographs.

Not the best or biggest look for our aspiring Romeo.

Launch of RTE Sport's Rugby World Cup 2011 Coverage 17/8/2011 Brent Pope Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/James Crombie

JOE: Describe the colour yellow to a blind person?

Brent: It’s kind of thick, warm and it feels pretty nice, kind of swidgy, it smells like summer or flowers.

JOE: Who is the most famous man you know called JOE?

Brent: A certain Irish Rugby Coach.

JOE: How did you end up following your favourite sports team?

Brent: Canterbury. I played for them.

Check out Brent's new show Riffs and Refs every Saturday between 1pm and 3pm on Radio Nova.