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29th Jul 2017

This story about a Mayo fan and a Roscommon fan buying tickets is just lovely

THIS is what the GAA is all about

Niall McIntyre

There’s lots of controversies in the GAA, from the black card to sweepers to fixture problems to much much more.

When you hear a story like this one, however, it really gives you the perspective needed to realise and to truly believe that the GAA is beautiful, is unique, and is in it’s own brilliant world.

The GAA is a production of Irish culture.

We Irish, are a people like no other, and the GAA brings these positive characteristics to fruition.

If it’s not camaraderie on a team, it’s classy gestures between opposition teams, between players and supporters, by those working behind the scenes in the GAA.

That’s why we love the GAA so much, there’s a place in it for absolutely everybody, from all walks of life.

This story which came to us from a Roscommon man, John Mannion, really is everything we want the GAA to be.

It’s a story of unqualified class, of human empathy, spirit and of the unique bond that exists between all in the GAA.

The Mayo man had no need to send the money back to the Roscommon man, he was let known that there was no pressure, but he did it anyway and it’s a true symbol of the GAA.

The teams may be rivals on Sunday, but all is fair in love and war, and outside of the game, the rivalry is forgotten about.