Here's how Twitter reacted to Marty Morrissey's appearance on Dancing With The Stars 2 months ago

Here's how Twitter reacted to Marty Morrissey's appearance on Dancing With The Stars

The fate of a nation hung in the balance, apparently...

The debut of Dancing With The Stars' second season on Sunday night (7 January) has been receiving some hype in the press these past few days, and it seems as if that is all down to one single man: Marty Morrissey.

National treasure, RTÉ presenter, ambassador for the Tipperary Churn Rolling Association, it would be safe to say Marty has most boxes checked. However, ballroom dancer and nation's saviour seemed just out of his reach, until Dancing With The Stars.

But then...

Suffice to say, the Irish on Twitter aren't ones to exaggerate. The outcome of Morrissey's quickstep with partner Ksenia Zsikhotska was probably going to determine the future of the Republic of Ireland, from a cultural to an economic standpoint.


And he did not just dance, my good people. Oh no, he soared.

In the end, Morrissey might have only earned 12 points out of a possible 30, but really, he did something much greater. When the alien archaeologists analyse the Irish Twitter activity at the beginning of 2018, they might actually deduce that it was one Marty Morrissey who kept the fabric of a nation together for at least one more season of Dancing With The Stars.

He said it perfectly, when he declared "I'm Marty and I like to party", and here is how Twitter replied:



The time is now. You too must join the Marty Party.

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