Video: Game of Thrones meets the Six Nations in BBC's brilliant opener 4 years ago

Video: Game of Thrones meets the Six Nations in BBC's brilliant opener

Rugby is coming.

JOE had to wrack our brains to match each country in the Six Nations to their required house in Game of Thrones but we think that these are fair.

Ireland are clearly House Stark. Brave, loyal, respected and defiant right until the very end while also providing brief moments of skill and strength.

Respected throughout the realm but we do revel in the underdog status especially against the more established aristocrats. Lets hope we don't suffer a beating quite like the Red Wedding.

Wales are definitely House Targaryen. Dragons and lots of them.

England are House Lannister. The lions that once comfortably ruled over all their territories in the realm until the people stood up against them in an act of rebellion and defiance. Everyone wants to beat them but they're still incredibly formidable opponents and utterly ruthless.

France are House Baratheon. Just like Robert, Les Blues have a rightful claim to be the kings of the realm based on their impressive history and firepower but they can be a little bit temperamental. You never know which side will turn up.

Italy are House Martell. Like the most southern house in Westeros, the Italians are a proud nation that want to remain "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"​ but they usually get their heads ripped off despite packing a clear threat.

Scotland are sadly House Tully. They get pushed around, bullied and no one really takes an interest in them despite their long history at the top table.

Here's the BBC's wonderful promo.

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