A very necessary tribute to the finest WrestleMania promo in the WWE's history 7 years ago

A very necessary tribute to the finest WrestleMania promo in the WWE's history

A truly great tune that summed up the Attitude Era in the WWFE.

Back at the start of the 21st century, Limp Bizkit were one of the biggest bands in the world after the release of their album, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water.


The record included some memorable tracks, like My Generation, Take A Look Around and, of course, Rollin'. Their fourth release from Chocolate Starfish, My Way, was equally popular.

Available as a single in January 2001, My Way was one of the freshest sounds of the year and included one of the best intros and outros in modern rock history.

Clip via YouTube/LimpBizkitVEVO


During the same period, WWF (as we will now refer to it for the purposes of this article) was massively popular all over the world, nowhere more so than here in Ireland.

The Attitude Era was a golden moment in wrestling history, and among many great characters, storylines, matches, and theme tunes, there were some magical promos ahead of big pay-per-views.

You had to go a long way find a better montage put together by the powers-that-be at WWF HQ for the main event of WrestleMania X-Seven in Houston, Texas - a No Disqualification match between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship.

And a massive reason for that popularity was down to the tune used, My Way.


This was one of the most hyped matches in WWF history. At this time, The Rock (champion going into the match) was easily the biggest name in the business, with an increasingly desperate Stone Cold - who had won that year's Royal Rumble to main event WrestleMania - trying to regain his crown as both the WWF Champion and the face of the company.

The match itself saw one of the most infamous and unpopular incidents in the company's history, when the Texas Rattlesnake sold his soul to Vince McMahon to win back his WWF title and simultaneously turn on his loyal fanbase.

Austin used a chair handed to him by Vince and repeatedly beat The Rock with it until he scored the win.

What ever about the contest itself (a lot of people think the manner of the result signalled the beginning of the end of the Attitude Era), the promo will undoubtedly live on in WWE folklore as a symbol of this incredibly exciting era.


These were the prime stars in one of the most popular brands of entertainment in the world, going head-to-head at the main event of the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

It was a tough job to advertise the scale of its monumental significance, but in this promo, soundtracked brilliantly by My Way, the WWF managed to capture the spirit, tension, excitement, anxiety, aggression and tremendous fun of the whole occasion.

This is truly one of the greatest sporting/entertainment montages put together. Let's take a moment to enjoy it all over again.

Clip via YouTube/WWE/TheAntiProGaming