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19th Jan 2016

VIDEO: Professional surfer reveals the best places in Ireland to catch a wave

Carl Kinsella

Surf’s up.

According to competitive surfer Nic Von Rupp from Portugal, Ireland is one of the world’s best destinations for surfing… And now is the perfect time to hit the beach.

The cold weather might put a lot of people off, but speaking to JOE, Von Rupp said that wintertime is when Ireland’s west coast is at its most wave-rich.

Asked what it is that draws him to Ireland, Von Rupp said “The waves are really raw, but it’s just the whole Irish vibe. Whenever the sun goes down, I go to the pub for great music, great culture, and great bands. We don’t really have that where I’m from.”
As for the best surfing spot in Ireland, Nic told us that “Waves are really fickle,  it’s hard to get it right. My favourite places to surf are Sligo and just off Cliffs of Moher. People from all over the world travel to surf there.”
We’ve got footage of Nic surfing in Mullaghmore and Sligo in between the second and seventh minute of this video. Well worth a watch.