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17th Sep 2014

Video: Sprinter races from one train stop to the next to catch the same train

This is something we would love to try on the Luas...

Alan Loughnane

This is something we would love to try on the Luas…

This sprinter in England decided to race from one London Underground stop to the next to try and get back on board the same train and although the clip is a couple of months old, it was doing the rounds on social media last night and we thought it well worth sharing with our good readers.

In a stride Forrest Gump would be proud of, the man runs from the Mansion house stop to the Cannon Street stop; a distance of 380m with two ticket barriers and a few flights of stairs to add to the fun.

The train makes the trip in just one minute and 20 seconds so the man will have to have the legs of a cheetah and the heart of a beaver if he wants to make the train.

Will he do it? Have a look below and find out…

Video via Epic Challenges.