Video: The James McClean fan club grows by the week 11 years ago

Video: The James McClean fan club grows by the week

Earlier we told you about Mick McCarthy’s praise of James McClean. Alan Shearer joined in the chorus over the weekend too.


Never ones to be slow about jumping on a bandwagon, the lads on BBC’s Match Of The Day have waited just three months to rave about Sunderland ‘s James McClean.

While we were banging on about him even before he made his debut, and along with most Irish media, banging the drum for him ever since, it has taken the lads on the Saturday night sofa a bit longer.

Still, it’s better late than never and McClean’s dismantling of poor old Luke Young on Saturday earned him a special slot on the highlights show. Alan Shearer took the piece and he was very impressed, so impressed that he expects him to be on show at the Euros.

We hope you’re right Alan, but you might have to enjoy him while you can. Anyway, watch the clip for the very impressive show, and goal, McClean put on at the Stadium of Light.