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04th Nov 2014

Video: This epic surfing video is one of the best surfing videos we have ever seen

Koa Smith and his trusty GoPro camera has created this breathtaking surfing video.

Eric Lalor

Koa Smith and his trusty GoPro camera has created this breathtaking surfing video.

There is something hypnotic watching someone surf across enormous waves. It’s man and nature in perfect harmony and also serves as a reminder of the sheer power and awesomeness of nature. Damn nature, you crazy!

Koa Smith is obviously highly skilled and no doubt have been blessed in the bravery department. JOE remembers running screaming from the swimming pool when we turned on the wave machine when we went on holidays once. The waves generated by that machine would knock you right out of your rubber ring.

Anyway, prepare yourself to be absolutely blown away by a real men and real waves:

We’ve watched this a couple of times already and plan to watch it again and again. It’s just phenomenal.

Hat-tip: GoPro


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