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05th Dec 2013

Warming up for MMA: Week 5 – Pyramid

In the third of six videos, Primal MMA coach Owen Roddy takes us through how to perform circuit training for MMA.

Conor Heneghan

For a lot of people thinking of trying Mixed Martial Arts the gyms are extremely intimidating places – like a first day of school where someone is trying to hit you in the face at timed intervals.

In actuality the vast majority of these gyms are full of humble, well-educated coaches and fighters who simply want to pass on their knowledge or learn from the best.

Over the next six weeks, Owen Roddy will be showing us some of the basics involved with MMA to make that move to a class that bit easier.

This week it’s pyramid, a high intensity exercise consisting of a fixed amount of reps of exercises and repetition of those exercises with one less rep every time until you make your way down to zero (e.g 10 kicks, 10 punches and ten kicks on the opposite side, then 9 reps of each exercise, then 8 and so on).

It burns calories and is a great exercise to do at the end of a session and although it’s hard to maintain quality and technique the longer the exercise goes on, it’s important to try and maintain perfect form throughout.

‘Rowdy’ Owen Roddy is a champion MMA fighter who has fought and beaten the best guys in the world. He’s also an increasingly prolific coach, operating out of his own Gym in Finglas Primal MMA.