WATCH: BBC'S official hype video for the World Cup is an absolute screamer 4 years ago

WATCH: BBC'S official hype video for the World Cup is an absolute screamer

The beautiful game just got a little bit more beautiful...

Easily the most exciting thing that happened during Saturday's FA Cup final - apart from Phil Jones reminding us all that he is Phil Jones - was BBC unveiling their brand new hype video for the upcoming World Cup.


Deployed at half time, the vivid and colourful animated affair presents a series of iconic World Cup moments featuring the likes of Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane and Paul Gascoigne (no prizes for guessing his signature contribution.)

There's also room for modern stars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mo Salah - who deserves it for carrying his country into their first World Cup since 1990 - and England's top lion Harry Kane, who makes the cut because of course he does.


'The Tapestry' as it's called, was directed by Nicos Livesey who modernised the traditional tapestry technique by creating a dynamic film in which every single frame has been individually embroidered.

More than 227,000 metres of thread were used to conjure up over 600 unique frames of tapestry, that if laid end-to-end would measure over 1,200 features in length.

There will also be a physical seven-metre-long tapestry that will be put on public display.

As for the music in the video, that would be 'Ochi Cheryne', a traditional Russian folk song recorded at the legendary Abbey Studios with a 40-piece orchestra.


All of which is a nice way of saying that it looks and sounds boss.

“Choosing which iconic moments to feature was a detailed process, where do you start and finish with the most iconic tournament in the world?" mused BBC Creative Director Tim Jones.

"To have made this film and a real life tapestry, is testament to the creativity, talent and ambition of the team in Salford and everyone involved in this project.”


Let's be honest, you hardly needed another reason to get excited about daily football, but this does whet the appetite nicely...