WATCH: JOE goes to Over The Top Wrestling and quickly gets addicted 2 years ago

WATCH: JOE goes to Over The Top Wrestling and quickly gets addicted

Turns out being clothes-lined is very funny indeed.

Over The Top Wrestling was set up a few years ago by Joe Carberry and it combines supreme fitness, athleticism, comedy and pure entertainment.

The events held in Dublin continue to sell out. There is a monthly show in the Tivoli Theatre which sells out as well as their upcoming show in the National Stadium on Easter Saturday which has been sold out weeks in advance.

They are even now starting to put on shows in Belfast which gives you an indication on the demand for this type of entertainment.

Clearly there is a huge appetite for this genre of wrestling and they’ve cleverly tapped into the local vernacular with wrestlers such as ‘Session Moth Martina’ and tracksuited duo ‘Lads from de Flats’. The coup de grace for us though is calling the main events 'Scrappermania', a doff of the baseball cap to Wrestlemania.

While it’s all very tongue in cheek, there is an incredible amount of training and preparation which goes on in the background.

We visited the gym to see what they get up to and we saw a huge group of people training hard non-stop, from all levels of fitness and experience.

The passion and dedication is obvious to see and you couldn’t help but be impressed with the effort. Then, they asked me to join in...

Over The Top Wrestling presents ScrapperMania, coming to the National Stadium this Saturday 15 April. For more OTT Wrestling events, check out the official website here