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29th Jun 2016

WATCH: Shane Duffy singing ‘Shane Long’s on Fire’ at a karaoke night in Derry is superb

Paul Moore

We can watch this over and over.

Shane Long and Will Grigg may not have scored a goal at Euro 2016 but there’s no doubting that they provided the inspiration for the chant of the tournament, we’re expecting the updated version of Gala- Freed from Desire to be released on iTunes any day now.

It didn’t matter if the Irish fans were on the streets of Lyon, inside a nightclub in Bordeaux or outside a pub in La Rochelle because every French person will now know that Shane Long has more fire than Daenerys Targaryen.

The chant is spreading like wildfire and Long’s Irish teammate Shane Duffy couldn’t help himself when he was was asked to sing at the popular Granny Annie’s on Waterloo Street, Derry.

JOE reader Scoop tells us that the Blackburn Rovers defender visited the venue with a few of his mates and that Duffy was more than happy to get up and belt out the most popular chant at Euro 2016 after being encouraged by his many fans.

Fair play to him because he really gives it socks and seems like he’s loving it. Shane Long must be proud to get his mate’s support!

Take a look.

Cheers to JOE reader Scoop Scoop for sending this our way.
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