The Premier League is finally getting a winter break 5 years ago

The Premier League is finally getting a winter break

The Premier League are looking at the 2020 season for its first-ever winter break.

The Football Association have decided that they quite fancy England doing well at the World Cup. They've been told that one of the main reasons England get beaten by the likes of Iceland at major football tournaments is because they don't have a mid-season winter break.


Winter Break

That looks like it's about to change with the idea of giving the Premier League clubs a massive 13-day break in the month of February.

The breakthrough has come after the FA, Premier League and Football League all came to an agreement which will result in an entire round of FA Cup fixtures being played in midweek.

This will help clear a two-week period before the European club fixtures get up and running again. The plan is to move the entire fifth round of the FA Cup to midweek and with no replays, all ties would be settled on the night.


The two-week break would start in the 2019/20 season, but matches would be staggered with half the teams playing on one weekend and the other half taking place the following week.

It would mean all Premier League teams would have at least 13 days without a game to recharge their batteries.

It hasn't been confirmed if all English players will be requested to attend a course on how to take penalties during the break (arf! - Ed.), but for now, the break will be used to recuperate and replenish.

It goes without saying that England will now win the 2020 European Championships and of course the 2022 World Cup.


Suffice to say that the news has divided opinion amongst fans.