An iPhone user sums up the pain of not being able to download Pokemon GO 6 years ago

An iPhone user sums up the pain of not being able to download Pokemon GO

Let this be a warning to you all to keep all email addresses and passwords up to date.

JOE reader Niall Gibbons has written an evocative letter that will bring a tear to a glass eye; it's about a man apart. A man who can't share in the joy of his brethren. A man who has been beaten, battered and bruised by technology.


In short, he's forgotten his Apple ID and can't get log in to change over to the American App store.

The world's gone mad, Ted.

Niall has written this letter and sent it to JOE, and I think we can all agree that this is a national scourge and something needs to be done about THOSE POXY OVEREXTENDED SERVERS.

Take it away, Niall...


"I started up my first iTunes when I was only a young lad innocent of the opportunities that came with the ownership of an iPhone 3GS," he writes.

"Unfortunately for me I carried a hastily created Apple ID through my coming of age years where the password I had created for the account slowly deteriorated from my memory along with the memories of my first Christmas or the first time I got the shift at a Spanish disco.

"Much like the reckless abandon I had towards my early years I continued to purchase newer iPhones and start new iTunes accounts, however I would back up my new iPhone from the memories of my old one.

"Yet how was I to know these memories would be followed with the ghost of my original Apple ID, a ghost I had long forgotten?


"It wasn't until the dawn of the iCloud that I realised the gravity of my ignorance, when my phone would ask daily for a password I had long forgotten, and when I had tried to reset said password alas an email address no longer existed!

"So spawned a continuous loop of agony and hardship as my phone without yield asked the same question day and night that I did not know the answer to.

"This torturous loop continued until I had become immune to the torment only comparable to women asking if they looked fat in that dress. I no longer cared for the dress, I was happy with what I had!

"Then Pokemon GO emerged.


"And it was glorious, yet only available to those which could create a new Apple ID. However, I could not, because I was haunted by the technological ghosts of my past.

"I hope this story reaches you JOE, and that it may give insight to future generations not to take their email address for granted and trust only in the most dedicated of service providers and to use passwords that are more apart of thine soul than anything else. For if I had been less carefree with mine own iPhone that I may have been playing the long promised Pokemon GO today!"

This sums it up perfectly.