A legendary Pokemon has been spotted in Pokemon Go for the first time 6 years ago

A legendary Pokemon has been spotted in Pokemon Go for the first time

In the world of Pokemon, the legendary creatures are the rarest of the rare.

There are often only three hiding in every Gameboy game, unique elementary monsters that come with the most special skills.


In the land of Pokemon Go, legendary Pokemon are thought to be almost impossible to locate, found only by the most dedicated wandering Poketrainers.

Until now.

Articuno-Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players in Ohio are claiming to have spotted Articuno - one of the three legendary birds and one of the most powerful ice Pokemon from the original games.


Ohio gamers have been sharing footage and photos on Reddit and Facebook of a gym that is ruled by an Articuno-owning Pokemon trainer.

"#Niantic gifted me with him," said Kaitlyn Covey, who is one of the supposed Articuno owners, on a Facebook comment. "It is simply the truth!"

The footage of the rare creature has turned many Pokemon Go players into a frenzy...

Articuno Response


... with many gamers believing that Convey has faked footage of her Articuno capture.

Poke Go Response

At the moment there are three theories for the Articuno sighting and Covey catching it:

  1. Covey is fibbing and used either photoshop or an external tool to alter another Pokemon's data to make it look like Articuno.
  2. Covey caught a regular Pokemon but the game glitched and made it look like the legendary bird. Apparently this once happened to make a Caterpie a Charizard.
  3. Kaitlyn Covery got REALLY lucky and found and legitimately caught an Articuno.

There's a lot of hubbub. So much that as Kotaku reports, the Ohio Facebook group the footage was posted to has now been renamed as: "Was: Dayton Area Pokémon Go! Now: Articuno Freakshow."

To combat the criticism The Coveys have since livestreamed their Articuno, as well as the alleged email that Niantic sent them promising the Articuno.

So it looks that for now, it's either theory two or three. This is a real Articuno capture.

Either way, it seems that everyone wants to get a look at this rare bird, if only to establish whether the footage is photoshop, or if a glitch allowed the trainer to catch it.

Pokemon trainers - a fussy bunch.


This article originally appeared on JOE.co.uk.