The two least used emojis have been revealed 4 years ago

The two least used emojis have been revealed

Sad face emoji for these emojis.

Emojis are big business.


If you can't find the right emoji to express how you're feeling about something, then you can probably rely on whatever your message service is to add it before too long.

Earlier this month, Apple added 158 new emojis, including new characters with red hair, grey hair and curly hair, a new emoji for bald people, more emotive smiley faces and additional emoji representing animals, sports and food.

However, while we all have your favourite emoji, when was the last time you put some thought into your least-used one?

There are whole pages of emojis back there that most people never venture towards, usually relying on either the thumbs up, or the LOL-face, or that one who is winking-with-his-tongue-out, a facial expression that you would never actually do in real life without being called a complete and total weirdo.


The Least Used Emoji Bot has been counting up the number of times each of the emojis have been used over a certain time period, and the least two used are...


The Aerial Tramway EmojiΒ and theΒ Input symbol for Latin capital letters!

Yeah, we can kiiiiiiiiind of understand why they'd end up at the bottom.


We can't recall anyone, in our lives, EVER, having mentioned using an Aerial Tramway, while the daily use for Latin capital letters and the input symbol we'd use for them...? Yeah, not exactly that rolls off the tongue.

It was neck-and-neck for a while, until (somehow) the input symbol for Latin capital letters inexplicably got a landswell of support, officially putting the Aerial Tramway Emoji in last place.

Which, of course, led to a lot of people using it to announce it came last:


So then guess what happened?

Yep, exactly what you think happened, happened: