A look at the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack 9 years ago

A look at the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack

After a bit of a mix up by Sony, the guys at Rockstar have given out a whole load of information about the exciting GTA V soundtrack

Last week we saw the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, and apart from making sure that we desperately want to buy this game, we also wondered what the pretty catchy tune was in the background.


It turns out that that it was a band called The Chain Gang of 1974, and you can check out a little sample of their song 'Sleepwalking' on their Soundcloud:

The full details on the soundtrack have also been leaking out slowly after a few hacker types got busy working on the file that Sony put up last week

The soundtrack features 15 music stations and 240 licensed songs - covering everything from unforgettable classic hip-hop with long-time Rockstar collaborator DJ Pooh, to the underground Mexican sounds of East LOS FM and the modern beatmaker scene courtesy of FlyLo FM, with new and exclusive tracks from both Flying Lotus and Tyler the Creator, who was pretty happy to be included in the game when he found out last week.



The game also includes over 20 hours of original, dynamic score created by noted composer Tangerine Dream in collaboration with Woody Jackson (Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, LA Noire) and L.A. hip-hop producers Alchemist and Oh No. You can check out a snippet of five of the radio stations that you'll get to hear on Rockstar's Soundcloud page, or listen in to this one we've chosen just below.


We can expect plenty of talk radio as well, with two stations dedicated it to it in the game, and it was one of our favourite features in editions of GTA from years gone by. We're certainly hoping for more of the same this time around.

Grand Theft Auto V is released on September 17th.