A new pub has opened where you can order your pint with an iPad 4 years ago

A new pub has opened where you can order your pint with an iPad

A new pub in Wales has opened where you can order drinks via an iPad.

The Westbourne pub in Swansea, South Wales has just opened recently and, according to The Mirror, claims to be the first pub in Britain to offer such a service. The pub is the brainchild of Mark Lingwood and is designed to attract customers who dislike queuing for their drinks. As we all know, many a war has started over queuing.

They hope to cut the queues at the bar with self-service pumps all operated by drinkers on an iPad. You don't even have to own an iPad as there is a fixed one at each table. Customers at the pub have to buy a special card to use the iPads. The cards are then placed under a sensor on the iPad and this in turn allows them to pour themselves pints using the pumps fixed to the bar-room tables.


It basically means that Lingwood does not have to hire any staff as the pub is practically automated and we're not really sure how this would go down here in Ireland. Call us old-fashioned, but we like the human touch. We like to converse with pub staff and start conversations about the weather, the economy and other such stuff. Have you ever tried talking to an iPad? No? Eh... neither have we!

We wonder how long it'll take before a very drunk bunch of lads in that pub start singing songs to the iPads. 'Get your apps out for the lads!'