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08th Apr 2014

A smartphone battery that fully charges in just 30 seconds has been unveiled

We’d REALLY like this to be available as soon as possible


We’d REALLY like this to be available as soon as possible

Our mobile phone has never been less mobile, as it is tethered to the nearest plug for most of its overused life.

But news from a Microsoft conference in Israel on Mashable is bringing us the sort of news that has us leaping with joy and thinking about leaving the house for longer than 30 minutes.

A company called StoreDot has designed a battery made of bio-organic nanodots, essentially just tiny molecules that are hyper-conductive and as a result they charge incredibly quickly.

The company claims their battery, which currently looks more like a laptop charger than a normal phone battery, will charge a smartphone in just 30 seconds, a frankly incredible bit of news.

However, as the charger is only a prototype, it will be late 2016 before it is launched for sale. By then they also expect the battery to be the same size as a current battery.

Here’s video of the battery and charger in action, and what might be a glimpse at a much easier future.

For more on StoreDot, check out their website here.

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