Amazon Echo and Alexa have just been launched in Ireland 5 years ago

Amazon Echo and Alexa have just been launched in Ireland

They're finally here!

Amazon's Echo voice activated speaker range and Alexa smart assistant are now available to buy in Ireland.


First launched in the US back in 2014, it was possible to buy the products prior to this, but now the system has finally been optimised for Irish consumers specific requirements.

Amazon Echo is designed around a users voice and is able to give the user information, music, news and weather.

It is also confirmed that the Echo will come with services such as Irish Radioplayer, Ryanair and a number of broadcasting stations.

Alexa is the artificial intelligence software, which powers Echo. It is able to answer questions, make calls, send messages, turn on and off lights and give news updates, among a variety of other tasks.


Amazon has also expanded the Alexa Skills Kit and Voice Service so Irish developers can produce services and for customers.

Irish developers manufacturers can now also produce services and devices using Alexa, with the release here of the Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service.

Amazon Echo can be purchased for €103.28, while the Echo Plus costs €160.66 and Echo Dot is €57.37 via