This app can predict when the prices for flights and hotels will become cheaper 5 years ago

This app can predict when the prices for flights and hotels will become cheaper

This could be your new best friend.

We all love holidays and taking little trips, but sometimes they can seem randomly so expensive.


Your friend tells you that they booked flights to New York for next to nothing, but then you hop on the sites and they almost require a small mortgage. What gives? Are we just permanently unlucky with these things?

Hopper has existed for a little while, but previously it used algorithms to predict which flights would soon becoming cheaper, and when.

However, they have now added a new service to the application this week to include hotels, using pricing date and customer reviews, it will recommend to the user of the app whether they should go ahead and book the hotel, or wait for the price to drop.

It will use the same colour-coded calendar as the flights price predictions, using red for most expensive, green for least expensive, and yellow for in-between'y expensive, which will also tell you which dates are the most expensive to stay in any particular area or hotel.


The new addition to the app is currently only available in New York (which is great if you happen to be travelling to the Big Apple in time for Christmas), and will soon be rolling out to LA, Miami, and San Francisco soon, before encompassing more international cities in 2018.

Additionally, the new hotels portion of the app is available on iOS11 devices, and will becoming available for Android devices soon.