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 App of the Week: Ever felt like you've wanted to own your own hipster start-up?
Get your fixie bike and moustache wax ready, you're about to own your own hipster start-up

Get your fixie bike and moustache wax ready, you're about to own your own hipster startup

Essentially, this game is Championship Manager for startups, so if you ever wanted to see what it was like to run an uber-chic and super hip startup business that sells organically farmed mulch, then this app is a great bit of fun that can keep you entertained for hours.

The best part about this app, of course, is that it's from an Irish-based developer. Ger Kelly (who you can follow on Twitter here) from Galway has come up with the app which simulates the experience of being the hippest startup out there. You should probably be using an exercise ball as a seat at your desk when you play this.

hipster ceo 1

The game promises to make you the boss of a fancy new company and you can make all the big decisions. Do you want to buy a ping pong table for the common room? Have an illegal rave for the Christmas party? Your choice. You also get a few little power ups like your Aunt Kay handing over 5k to throw in the company or a tech magazine (or fancy online magazine like JOE) features your company, and it doubles your traffic, nice.


The game is not available yet, it's coming out on iOS and iOS Touch at some stage in 2013, but you can head to and register for all the latest updates. Sounds like fun to us, but we're super hipsters.

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