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30th Aug 2018

Apple announce event date that is rumoured to be launch the latest iPhone

Rory Cashin

Apple Event

It is surprisingly VERY soon.

“Please join us at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino for an Apple special event.”

That is all we get, aside from the time and date.

Wednesday 12 September at 10am PDT (which means 5pm GMT).

Admittedly, that isn’t a lot to go on, but the biggest tech outlets in the world are already predicting it will be launching platform for the next generation of several different Apple products.

Bloomberg reckons that “Sources say the company will likely show three new iPhone models”, while Mat Honan – the tech guy for Buzzfeed – stated “I’ve been going to Apple events since 2001, and have gotten really good at interpreting these invitations. Based on history and the design here, this will be consumer electronics with computational stuff and things made available to the public for purchase at some point.”

Either way, people are already having a pretty fun time with the actual vibe from the invite itself: