Apple is facing backlash over its squid emoji 4 months ago

Apple is facing backlash over its squid emoji

Posquiddical correctness gone mad.

Apple has come in for criticism from the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a a major inaccuracy on its squid emoji, which places the animal's siphon on the "wrong side" of its head.

"Apple's squid emoji is upside down," they wrote on Twitter. "Not even squidding. The siphon should be behind the head, right now it just looks like a weirdo nose."

The siphon muscular structure is located on the ventral surface of the mantle, which the squid uses to discharge waste from its body. So it would be pretty unfortunate if it actually was located on the poor animal's face.

It wouldn't be the first time that Apple has been taken to task over its emojis. For example, its original gun emoji was replaced by a water-gun-looking-thing. Similarly, it has been noted that its lobster and octopus emojis are not anatomically correct — they have been called out before for the octopus emoji, which only has four visible tentacles.

Maybe they just have a problem with cephalopods.

The octopus hasn't been updated, so unfortunately for the squid emoji, it seems pretty likely that he will continue through life with his siphon on his face.