Windows 10 is reportedly collecting private information even when told not to 7 years ago

Windows 10 is reportedly collecting private information even when told not to

Big Brother is watching.

Microsoft is apparently collecting data from the 14 million computers which have downloaded the new Windows 10.


According to Mail Online, privacy watchdogs are not impressed with the updated privacy statement released by the company, which says the tech giant has access to private emails, address books and other files.

As well as this, further investigation has revealed that the Windows 10 system also sends identifiable information to Microsoft if a user activates the software privacy protection settings and switches off certain features.

Despite this, Microsoft has said "no query or search usage data is sent to Microsoft in accordance with the customer's chosen privacy settings".

Research by Ars Technica has found that Microsoft is collecting data without the user's consent, which contradicts what Microsoft are saying.


According to The Guardian, data sent from Microsoft to its OneDrive cloud storage system has a user ID attached.

As well as this, experts have found the data is still transmitted when settings are turned off and OneDrive is not even connected.

Microsoft has said the data is collected to provide users with a more personalised service but also admitted it can be used for targeted advertising, which means the information is being shared with a third party.

Makes you feel a bit uneasy doesn't it?


Hat-tip to Mail Online