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13th Jan 2015

Bad news if you’re in Ireland and are into illegally downloading music

No more free albums.

Joe Harrington

This could ruin a lot of people’s entertainment.

Irish people have been downloading music and movies for a very long time with Limewire, Pirate Bay and Bit Torrent among the favoured file-sharing sites.

Well, we’ve heard they’re the popular sites, a friend of ours was on about it one time.

Hey! We swear we’ve never downloaded… *JOE runs to destroy hard-drive*

S Network

The bad news for people who illegally download in Ireland is that the country’s second largest internet provider UPC could be forced to move against subscribers, who illegally download music and other copyrighted material.

According to the Irish Independent, Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music want injunctions requiring UPC to apply rules to stop illegal downloading.

A similar move has already been agreed with Eircom, who now have a “three strikes and you’re out” policy for their customers.

So, illegally download three times with them and your contract is terminated.

The case between UPC and the music companies is expected to last eight days.

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