Belfast company launches headset designed to improve your sleep 4 months ago

Belfast company launches headset designed to improve your sleep

Their first product, a weight loss device, proved very popular.

Belfast tech firm Neurovalens has launched a new sleep improvement device which uses neuroscience to optimise your sleep.

While it does look like something out of Black Mirror, the Modius SLEEP is designed to help people achieve a higher quality of sleep and reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

The headset has been launched on American crowd-funding website Indiegogo.

According to Neurovalens, the Modius SLEEP operates by sending an electrical pulse into the vestibular nerve, influencing the areas of the hypothalamus and brain stem that control circadian rhythm and sleep patterns.

Wearing the headset for 30 minutes each night is designed to reduce the time it takes to nod off and improve sleep quality.

Modius Sleep

The device was developed by neuroscientist Dr Jason McKeown, a Belfast native and the company founder.

“Our new headset taps into the power of the brain’s hypothalamus, which acts as a mini computer and influences many areas of the brain, including weight loss and sleep,” he said.

“Our continued aim is to help people avoid sedatives and sleeping pills as they only mask the underlying problem and come with a host of nasty side effects.”

The company said that during a 30-day study, 95% of Modius SLEEP users improved their overall sleep score, with 85% claiming they were satisfied with their improved sleep patterns.

The Modius SLEEP is a follow up to the Modius SLIM, which is designed to help users lose weight, and raised over £2 million from crowdfunding. Neurovalens also raised £4.6 million (€5.4m) in a funding round earlier this year through a number of different backers.