Bumble launches new feature that automatically blurs dick pics 4 years ago

Bumble launches new feature that automatically blurs dick pics

Don't be that guy.

Unless specifically requested, and even then it isn't a good idea, don't be the "dick pic" guy.


You proud of your dick? Good. Good for you. Be proud.

But don't be so proud that you're virtually flaunting it into stranger's faces, unprovoked, unannounced.

Bumble, unlike other dating apps like Tinder, allows its users to send photos within the app, which is how dick pics can sometimes present themselves on there.

Generally, the photo itself is blurred until a person decides whether they want to open it or not, but now the dating app is set to introduce a whole new feature that specifically tells a user when an image is explicit.


It'll also then give the person receiving the photo the option to either open, block, or report the image.

Delightful scenes all round.


"Our latest feature, Private Detector, automatically detects and blurs inappropriate images," they said. 

"But it’s up to you if you want to view, block, or report the image to moderators." 

The new feature will be beneficial to those who enjoy a little flirt every now and again, but DID NOT REQUEST A DICK PIC.

Because honestly like, if you're going to send some saucy pics, surely you'd be hitting up the old WhatsApp first.



This comes after Bumble announced that they were updating their app to allow users to call each other while using it - without even swapping phone numbers.

Somewhat thankfully, the feature was double opt-in, meaning that nobody was able to call anybody else unless they had the call feature enabled.

CEO of MagicLab, the parent company of Bumble, Andrey Andreev said the feature was aimed at "giving users a more real life interaction, and saving them time by getting a deeper understanding of who they’ve matched with before they decide to meet in person or share valuable contact information."