Can't be bothered accessing the new Mass Effect 3 ending? Watch it here 10 years ago

Can't be bothered accessing the new Mass Effect 3 ending? Watch it here

After months of controversy and rage from fans, BioWare today released their long awaited "Extended Cut" for Mass Effect 3. In other words, a more substantial ending. Bear in mind that you shouldn't read on or view the above clip if you haven't yet finished the game.


Released as a free piece of downloadable content for the game, the new ending apparently offers greater differences between players' dialogue choices and will "expand upon the events at the end of" BioWare's RPG sequel.

The controversial original ending actually led to a fan petition that raised over $80,000 for a children's charity, after it caused widespread outrage among the series' biggest fans for what was perceived to be a short-sighted and abrupt storytelling approach.

The clip above from Tetra Ninja is the first full video of today's ending that we can find and though it runs 19 minutes in length, those who have already completed the game will want to skip to the 13-minute mark to see the new changes. In the above link's case, the player has chosen not to destroy the villainous Reapers but to create synthesis between organic lifeforms and synthetics.

On the other hand, you can also find the "Destroy" ending below. In total there are four extended endings: Destroy, Synthesis, Control and a new option, "Refuse".


While fans probably won't like the fact that protagonist Commander Shepard dies once more and the fact that the terrible child actor for the "Star Child" is back, the new ending is undoubtedly a lot more satisfying and an EDI voiceover (Admiral Hackett for the "Destroy" option) ties up the exploits of the Normandy crew in a much better handled manner.

Let us know what you think of the ending in the comments section below but bear in mind that very soon we should be able to find the alternative endings for each choice.