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23rd Dec 2013

Damage Report: Playing GTA V for 99 minutes costs €9.5 million in damages

If GTA V were a real life adventure then you’d rack up a pretty hefty insurance bill in no time...

Oisin Collins

If GTA V were a real life adventure then you’d rack up a pretty hefty insurance bill in no time…

The lads at Allianz Insurance have been ‘hard at work’ figuring out just how much damage you actually cause during a game of GTA V and the results are, well… not that surprising really.

After one hour and 39 minutes, Allianz estimated the total damage racked up at €9,557,280 million. In fairness, it really isn’t that surprising considering just how many cars/planes/tanks that you go through in such a short timeframe.

While that’s all well and good, you might be wondering what’s the single most expensive part of the whole GTA V story? Well, according to Allianz, the largest single cost occurrence happens at the 1 hour 28 minute mark where “two UP 18 locomotives from the Union Pacific Company crash head-on at 100 km/h on a valley bridge.”

“Both engines are totally destroyed at a total cost of €6 million ($8.12 million). In addition, approximately 300 meters of tracks are wrecked at a cost of €1.5 million ($2.03 million).”

Allianz continued: “In comparison, the destruction of a helicopter by a jet fighter at the 1 hour 39 minute mark seems like small change. While the damage caused by debris falling to the ground in a residential area of Vinewood Hills (Hollywood Hills) cannot be assessed, the helicopter is similar to a Eurocopter AS-350 and valued at €1.58 million ($2.14 million).

“The rest of the damages accrue during the 100 minutes of playing time results from sundry car chases, Molotov cocktails and aircraft damage.”

Like we said, the lads were obviously hard at work over the past few months…

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