Destiny 2 finally confirmed for 2017 release 6 years ago

Destiny 2 finally confirmed for 2017 release

Back in 2014, video-game fans spoke with their wallets when Destiny managed to bank over $500 million in sales in its first 24 hours of release.

It became the biggest launch of a new gaming franchise of all time, and developers Bungie and publishers Activision both knew that had something exceptional on their hands.


The online-only first-person shooter felt like the natural progression for those who fell in love with Halo, but despite the deluge of DLC that followed, with expansion packs such as The Taken King, House Of Wolves or The Dark Below, there was still a niggling feeling that the games' makers hadn't quite fulfilled the potential of the game.

There'd been talk of a full-on sequel almost since the moment the first game was released, and a rumoured release date of Winter 2016 came and went without any word, but as part of their annual financial call, Activision finally confirmed the imminent release of the sequel:


How different it will be to the original is still up for debate, with some sources telling GamesRadar that the sequel will be completely different to the original, focusing more on making every town and settlement a fully lived in environment as opposed to the desolate and barren locations of the first game.


Those who have been privy to an early look at the game have been very enthusiastic, but we imagine it'll be closer to Christmas-time before the rest of us will get a hands-on experience.