The Dublin Smartphone Film Festival is back for 2021 and you can enjoy it online 4 months ago

The Dublin Smartphone Film Festival is back for 2021 and you can enjoy it online

Watch the festival from your sitting room.

The Dublin Smartphone Film Festival is now entering its fourth year and remains the only international film festival exclusively for filmmakers using smartphones or tablets.


This year's festival takes place on 30 January and while Covid-19 has meant that no event can take place, there's still an opportunity to showcase the best and brightest smartphone filmmakers from around the world.

The festival will be a virtual event this year and will screen a selection of short films, documentaries, animations and music videos, along with educational workshops.

With over 200 entries from more than 25 countries with awards categories including Best Fiction, Music video, Documentary, Animation, and there's also a best Irish category with entries restricted to 15 minutes in length.

"This year is unfortunately going to be a little different," founder Robert Fitzhugh said.

"It doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be great. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have brought about an incredible period of creativity with people forced to use the tools they have at their disposal to tell stories. As a result we have seen an increase in submissions and the quality has moved forward at a phenomenal rate.

"Despite the situation we all find ourselves in there has never been a more interesting time to explore Smartphone filmmaking. This is what the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival is here to do; to encourage the next generation of filmmakers to create their stories using their phones and to provide them with a platform to present these stories to a wider audience.”

The Dublin Smartphone Film Festival will take place from 30 January to 6 February on XERB.TV with a price of €5 per screening or €15 for access to all short films.