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03rd May 2019

Facebook is launching a new ‘Secret Crush’ feature

Rory Cashin

secret crush

Taking the “secretly” out of “I secretly fancy one of my mates”.

Social media apps are becoming a more common place for flirting to take place in, or from that, for dates to be set up.

All it needs is the confidence to do the old DM-Slide, and then tell that person you fancy them, and BAM, (provided they fancy you back), a date can be organised!

Facebook have recognised this potential, with the recent addition of Facebook Dating – currently only available in about 20 countries around the world, of which Ireland isn’t one of, but it is still expanding – and now on top of that, users of Facebook Dating will soon have access to something they’re calling Secret Crush.

Basically, out of your pre-existing friends, you pick nine of them as your secret crush.

If one (or more, we’re guessing?) also like you, then Facebook will let you both know. But if they don’t like you back, then they’ll never know you like them.

So it is basically unrequited love, taken to the next level.

There have already been some early concerns about Secret Crush, with the possibility of your “friends” secret crush-ing you as a joke just to see if you’ve secret crushed on them, for example.

However, everyone who wants to use Facebook Dating and Secret Crush will need to be over 18.

Secret Crush is set to roll out to more countries before the end of 2019, but there is still no confirmed launch date for it or Facebook Dating in Ireland as of yet.