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06th Mar 2018

WATCH: Far Cry 5 release short prequel movie and it actually looks pretty terrifying

Rory Cashin

We guarantee this game will get a lot of people talking when it is released later this month.

The previous Far Cry games had players in foreign, usually third-world countries, attempting to bring down corrupt and violent gangs, sometimes with the help of a nearby tiger.

It was fun, but it was set far away, which made it far-from-relateable.

That does not apply to Far Cry 5, which brings the trouble to the front door of America, and the player takes control of a character in the Deep South, caught up in a small town that has been taken over by a powerful local cult – the kind of white-power cult that is already very much a prescient, topical problem in the States right now.

Which brings us to Inside Eden’s Gate, a 30-minute short movie which is set before the events of the game, and follows a group of vloggers who are attempting to up the numbers on their YouTube channel by tackling more serious issues… which should also being ringing a bell for anyone who has been paying attention to the real world in the last few weeks.

However, once they realise just how serious the situation actually is, they try to make a run for it, which is not as easy as it looks in a town that is completely under the cult’s control.

Far Cry 5 will be released on PS4, XBox One and PC on Tuesday 27 March, and Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate is available to watch on Amazon Prime right now.

Clip via Ubisoft US

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