Forget 4G, they're already working on 5G in South Korea 7 years ago

Forget 4G, they're already working on 5G in South Korea

If you haven't experienced the increased speed of 4G yet, then not to worry, it's already obsolete

If you're still only using 3G, then it's time to upgrade grandpa, you're living in the past man. The lads in South Korea have decided that 4G, the new fastest thing since sliced bread became downloadable, is too slow for them, and are planning are investing $1.5 billion in making 5G, which would be 1,000 times faster.


According to Bussiness Insider, the Ministry of Science and Technology have announced their plans to get the network up and running by 2020, and it would mean that waiting for your download may become a thing of the past.

According to the stats, you can expect to download an 800 megabyte file in around one second, which is pretty fast, we guess. They might not be alone however, as apparently they are only doing this in order to get ahead of their tech rivals in Europe, China and the US, who are said to be working on something similar, at least according to the Koreans.

And to think, it wasn't too long ago that we were using WAP...