Future Tech: Fujitsu's incredible Flexbook concept 12 years ago

Future Tech: Fujitsu's incredible Flexbook concept

In a world of tablet devices and numerous forthcoming doo-dads, is there anything the humble laptop can do to grab our attention? Fujitsu reckon so.

By Emmet Purcell


These days, it's not unusual for your fellow commuters to boast a netbook, e-reader and tablet device on their train journey beside you and simultaneously, it's not unusual for their actions to annoy the pants off you. Why won't they put down their techy distractions and just read a simple Metro newspaper?

Taiwan-based designer Hao-Chun Huang has managed to somewhat stifle the alarming levels of tech smugness with his Flexbook concept design, which somehow alternately fixes the problem of multiple gadgets but unfortunately heightens the potential for 'everyone, look at me' shenanigans on your daily commute.

An entry for Fujitsu's 2011 Design Award, it's fair to say here and now that Huang has already captured the future of portable devices.

While everyone is betting that the white-hot tablet market will supercede netbooks and eventually co-opt e-readers too, we didn't actually realise that a foldable, fully flexible device could cater to all markets at once.


Oh wow... our head hurts

Boasting a 21:9 11-inch folding OLED screen, centre joint and waterproof keyboard, the design, if it comes to fruition, will utilise swappable skins and 180-degree configuration.

As you can see above, the design of the Flexbook is ingenious as it can resemble a tablet for simple browsing, a netbook for getting down to business and an e-reader for diving into a good book.


After Samsung's foldable 3D TV concept design, it's clear that foldable tech could revolutionise the industry overnight, for good (consumers) and bad (wiping out entire industry segments and specialist manufacturer's main designs). Of course, foldable netbooks aren't exactly a new concept, but what really has piqued our interest is the Flexbook's foldable screen.

Either way, we're excited to see what else Mr Huang has in store for us, while we urge Fujitsu to start registering those patents asap.