Gallery: Some shiny new screenshots from PES 2014 8 years ago
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Gallery: Some shiny new screenshots from PES 2014

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Let the eternal debate commence again, as this time the lads at Konami have given us a few more lovely screenshots of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

All of them have a certain Italian flavour, but the whole thing looks molto bene to us! We imagine there was one lad in the studio who had to spend a few days of his life exclusively crafting El Shaarawy's hair.


Obviously, we'll be playing both games extensively when they're launched so as we can give our definitive opinion on them, we've already decided to take most of the last three months of the year off to make time for all the games that are going to be released.

Obviously, now we have some evidence that we can use in the FIFA vs. Pro Evo debate, and these screenshots certainly look more advanced than the others we had a few weeks back.

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