Gardaí warn public over latest "smishing" scam 1 year ago

Gardaí warn public over latest "smishing" scam

Gardaí have warned the public over the latest "smishing" scam.

The latest scam claims to be from Bank of Ireland and prompts the receiver to provide personal details to a fake website. The details would then be used to extract money from the account of the receiver.


In this case, the text message attempts to instil the fear that the receiver's bank account will be compromised if they do not provide their phone number.

In a warning on their official Facebook page, Gardaí in Donegal advised: "Bank Smishing (a combination of the words SMS and Phishing) is the attempt by fraudsters to aquire personal, financial or security information by text message. The text message will always seek information that will allow access to bank accounts. The text will instruct the individual to go to a website or to make a phonecall to a specified number.

"Do not click on links, attachments or images that you receive without verifying who the sender is.

"If you think you have responded to a smishing text and have provided your bank details, please call your bank ASAP."

Gardaí also provided a screenshot of the scam in question.