Google announces Chromecast for HDMI streaming to your TV 10 years ago

Google announces Chromecast for HDMI streaming to your TV

The one place in our lives that Google hasn't seemed to take control of yet is our TVs, but that might be about to change

Today Google are hosting a big fancy event in San Francisco, and they've been making a few announcements. One of the most notable ones is the introduction of Chromecast, which allows users to mirror the content of anything they're watching on their tablet or smartphones to your TV by plugging the little device pictured above into the HDMI slot on your TV.


This mirroring is something that Sony have been doing with their latest range of TVs, tablets and phones with NFC easy connect, but with this device, which Google has priced at $35 (just over €26), they've decided to let videos be pushed from the cloud to the device itself, meaning you can still work away on other apps on your tablet or phone with the video playing on the TV screen.

People in the US can order it on Google Play already, but we'll have to wait a while until we can get our hands on it this side of the pond.

Hat-tip to the lads at Engadget