Google Maps marks 15-year anniversary with new features 5 months ago

Google Maps marks 15-year anniversary with new features

That "most efficient route" sounds like it may save people a lot of time.

Google Maps was introduced to the world in 2005, and has helped over 1 billion people reach their destination in the process since then.

Whether it's tourists lost in a city, or lost delivery men trying to find a house on a dark night, Google Maps is an absolute Godsend for a lot of people. Imagine having to open an actual map these days?

And to celebrate its 15th birthday, the app will be getting a number of new features.

It will see the introduction of an Explore tab, that will provide you with information such as ratings and reviews, if you're stuck for a place to go.

A new Commute tab will be in place to ensure that commuters are aware of the "most efficient route", meaning you can set your app up so that you have real-time traffic updates, travel times and suggestions for alternative routes ahead of time.

Users will also be able to share knowledge of local areas with the new Contribute tab, providing details regarding addresses, missing places etc.

Finally, an Updates tab will enable users to be given information from local reviewers, while also being able to chat directly with businesses to get questions answered.

The updates are expected to be in place globally by March of this year.